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The Kremlin is smarter than you think, Innovation and investment pool "Pangaea"
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сообщение 22.11.2011, 12:16
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I earn on well-proven rumors. I would be glad if it were true. The preparatory phase is completed. Skolkovo was a front for a more ambitious project. A brief announcement on my website: http://bulfalatiges.narod.ru/4_5.html . Oleg Pivovarov, my old friend. I've known him since 1990. You can contact him via the Russian Federation of Peace and Harmony. In the case of serious intent on your part I am willing to give him your request or with his permission I will give you his mobile phone number.
If the facts are confirmed, they should make public. My ardent desire not to stay away from this project. While free to contact Andrey Larin 8-495-346-12-64. He has been aware of the Skolkovo and innovative plans for the Kremlin. He is also familiar with Pivovarov.
What do I want? Do not miss the departing train!
I am Epin Dorsal. 44 years. A sociologist. I worked with Igor Vasilyevich Bestuzhev-Lada. I was an expert of the Constitutional Commission Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation. I've been doing reports for Oleg Rumyantsev. Now my theme sociology of management. But I'm interested in issues of forecasting. This is the formal cause of this letter.
Epin Dorsal
Телефоны: (495) 7883353, (495) 7883353 - факс,
E-Mail: kisler-4@mail.ru

Epin Dorsal
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